Day 12 of the 92 day Juice Feast / Fast!

Today is a new day! I awoke this morning feeling really good and refreshed after two days of the opposite. Slept about 10 hours last night, mostly because the last few nights have been super late nights and early mornings and the feeling was not so great in the body and spirit. Anyway, this morning I am renewed and fresh , feeling totally alive and well. Really thankful that I am here and doing what my body needs me to do for the healing of years of abusive treatment and the SAD (Standard American Diet).

I have lost 12 lbs so far,  a pound a day which is what they say is expected for this stage. Feeling it even though it’s just the beginning.I have a great amount of energy, to do all the things I have needed to do for the last few months that were impossible with my condition. Cooking lot’s for the kids and love it, makes it easier to still be a part of the food story instead of completely separate. I don’t sit with them while they eat unless I have a juice with me, and I only cook after a juice as well. Never get hungry. This is what I have learned. I find that I am pretty full of juice by 3 qt and no more where my husband is averaging 4-5 qt daily.

7 am :Began with my 1 quart of 1/2 an organic lemon juiced and filtered water
8 am:Water enima
10:30 am: 1qt Green Juice!! lettuce, spinach ,bunch of parsley, oranges and apples

12 pm: more water
1pm: 1 qt more of Green Juice : Swiss chard, celery, cucumber, parsley,
carrot, lemon and ginger

4pm: 1/2 qt of sweet fruit juice , apple and peaches juiced then strained


Keep Juicing!

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